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  • 26.08.2014

    Irreversível | Luccas Soares

    It is released the music video Irreversível (free translation: "Irreversible"), by Luccas Soares. This music is featured by the group The Black House, musical production of Nave Beats, mixing and mastering of Luiz Café. The music video is a International House of Cinema production....

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  • 18.07.2014

    Jorge Vercillo's presentation at Lage Chic project in Curitiba.

    Lage Chic received, on the night of May 28, the renowned singer Jorge Vercillo for another session in our space in Curitiba. The video, with a little bit of what went down, you can check out at the session "Lage Chic" here on our website.

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  • 13.08.2014

    releasing ep "sementes de chuva" | banda leash

    Party to release the EP "Sementes de Chuva"* of the group Banda Leash, and also alive recording of the music video of the song "Será"**, featured by Luccas Soares. Another International House of Cinema production. Check out the pictures in our "Gallery"...

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